Division Information

Information maximum in the indication space where it is simple as much as possible and is minimal. A layout of diary contents of new style.

極力シンプルに、最小限の表示スペースで最大限の情報を。 様々なデザインを実験・検証した結果、様々なデバイスによって異なったコンテンツを表示する、タイル・グリッド・レイアウトの採用に至った。


Monthly Graphic Mag.

It wants to express the interest and to express the matter that withers in by the method of my own way.



Minuture Garden Project

Though feel it to a diorama and a miniature; anything is scenery of the real town. An adult can enjoy the new charm of the photograph from a child.


The Graphic Design Studio.

at Toyama & Kyoto Japan.

Creating website is however to us creating web is not exactly a job.
The reason of having such playful altitude in doing things is to leave space for flexible thinkings and the room to create new idea. From now on,best effort will be made toward our production.